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Flags  used in this guide:
= your help needed, scans or info.  See  scan  want-list
scan = just a scan, without pointing out the tells (distinguishing features).
jk update = means this info disagrees with JK's guide.
= printing  info in the comic is mistaken or misleading.   (list  2)
Background  colors used in this guide:   (yellow)  standard
 (green)  the comic will correctly say which printing it is.          (list  1)
 (orange)  no one knows how to tell the printings apart,  yet.   (list 3)
This  is   NOT   A CATALOG  or  PRICE GUIDE.
Prices  listed  are  the  cover  price,  as  printed  (no  stickers).
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Books Click on thumbnails  for  tells & scans   Note: some are large and slow
0021 Adventures of Fat Freddy's Cat (Rip Off 1977 - paperback anthology)
1st  -  3.95 
??   -  4.95 
am hippy All  American  Hippy  (Kitchen Sink 1995?) 
reprints  Dope Comix   - 
The  Apex  Treasury  of  Underground  Comics  1 (Links Books 1974) 
4.95,   should  say which print
The  Apex  Treasury  of  Underground  Comics  2 (Quick fox 1981) 9.95
       reprints vol 1, back to  back with Best Of  Bijou.
says 'now back in print: a 2 in 1 underground classic' on front cover
The Best of  Rip Off Press, vol. 1 (1973)
1st - no price
2nd - info needed 
BO2 The Best of  Rip Off Press, vol. 2: Freak Brothers
1st - 3.95 
2nd  -4.95update
3rd - 5.95 
The Best of  Rip Off Press, vol. 3: The new adventures of Jesus (1979) 6.95 
The Best of  Rip Off Press, vol. 4: More Freak Brothers (1980) 5.95 
Big Yellow  Drawing Book (H.D. O'Neill jr. 1974) 
1st print doesn't say
other printings say which on pg 4
Binky  Brown  Sampler 
includes  reprint  of  Binky  Brown  Meets  the  Holy  Virgin  Mary
carload Carload O Comics, R Crumb's (Belier Press 1976)  1st - 6.00, 180 pgs   still in print? 
Carload O Comics, R Crumb's (Belier  Press/Cheri 1976) 20  pg insert to Cheri vol 1/no 5 
3rd -  (Kitchen Sink /Belier  1996)  says 'third printing',   18.95 softcover,  39.95 hardcover
hist1 Cartoon History  of the Universe, book one
1st  -  (ROP 1980)6.95,  reprints comics 1& 2 
2nd  -  (Quill 1982)  6.50, says '1st Quill printing' reprints comics 1-4 
3rd -  info needed
4th  -  info needed
5th  -  (Doubleday  1990)  19.95,  reprints  comics  1-7
hist2 Cartoon History  of  the  Universe,  book  two
?? - (Doubleday  1994) 19.95,  says  1st,  reprints comics  8-13
Checkered  Demon  Anthology  v1
Hard  cover  $40 
Soft  cover    19.95
Collected  Fat  Freddy's  Cat  1  (ROP) 
Collective Unconscience of Odd Bodkins  (Glide 1973)
1st -  3.95,  doesn't say which print
2nd -  4.95, says which
Commies  From  Mars  Anthology    9.95 
reprints  Commies  From  Mars  1-4 
Complete  Dirty  Laundry  Comix
hard  cover    $40 
soft  cover  16.95 
Das Kämpf  (Vaughn  Bodé 1977)
1st -  100 loose  pages
2nd -  52 page book   (Bodé collection item 2)
                      NOTE:    The Bodé Broads (Bagginer Press 1977) portfolio 
                                     - also claims to  be  'Bodé collection item 2'
Freak  Bro.  Library  1,2,3,4  (ROP)   .2.  .3.  .4.  . 
Hear the Sound  of My Feet...   (Glide Urban Center 1969)
1st - 3.95, red &  black  cover,  some interior color, 10-1/4 x 12-7/8
2nd - red, blue &  black  cover,  no color inside, says revised edition on cover,  9 x 12
3rd - 4.95, says 'Second Printing 1975' on page 6 
History of  Underground Comix (Straight Arrow 1974) 9.95
1st - title is yellow, says  1st printing,  cover by Rand Holmes 
2nd - title is orange, also  says 1st printing 
3rd - says 3rd printing
4th?  -  (Ronin  1987),  says  revised edition     . 
5th?  -  (Ronin  1989),  17.95,  title is yellow,  says  2nd  print    .    . 
6th?  -  (1993) ugly  Crumb  'keep on truckin' cover,  title is oraange,  says  'Ronin  3rd  ed.  1993' 
Kitchen  Sink  Press: The First 25 Years  (Kitchen Sink  1994)  only  one  printing
Mah Fellow  Americans/My Fellow Americans
1st & 2nd printings say  so (Sawyer Press 1968) 1.95
3rd - (Price Stern Sloane  1970) 1.95, doesn't say which print
4th - (Price Stern Sloane)  says 'Second Printing  -  Feb 1971'  . 
Mindwarp Anthology  (And/Or Press 1975) 
1st print doesn't say
2nd print says so
Raw Sewage  (Price Stern Slone 1970)  1.95     says which printing
R. Crumb's Head Comix
1st - (Viking 1968) 2.50 soft cover, 4.95 hard cover   2  hardcover  editions.
2nd - (Ballantine 1970) 2.95
3rd - says 2nd Ballantine printing
4th? - says '20 years  latter'  new  intro by Crumb,  8.95 
Spots    S.  Clay  Wilson  Anthology    still  in  print  at  $15
Thoroughly Ripped with the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers  (ROP 1976)
1st - 7.95
2nd - 8.95
Vaughn  Bodé's  Cheech  Wizard...  (Northern Comfort Communications  1976)
1st - hard cover
2nd - soft cover, says '2nd Ed.' on pg 10
Vaughn  Bodé's  Deadbone (Northern Comfort Communications 1975)
1st - hard cover, doesn't say
2nd - soft cover, says '2nd  Ed.' on pg 10
 - If you need a copy of the softcover ed.  See Our Ebay Liting.
Bode's  Erotica  (Last Gasp 1983) 1st - says so 
Young  Lust Reader  (And/Or Press 1974)       says which printing
Zippy  Stories  (And/Or Press 1981)
1st  & 2nd printings  say so
3rd print doesn't say
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Magazines and Tabloids
Cascade  comix monthly 1 (Everyman 1978)
1st - says 'Next issue...' on back cover
2nd - doesn't say 'Next issue...' on back cover
Cascade  comix monthly 2 (Everyman 1978)
1st - says ' Larry  Todd speaks' in yellow
2nd - says ' Larry  Todd speaks' in white
Cascade  comix monthly 3 (Everyman 1978)
1st - title ' Comix Monthly' is yellow
2nd - title ' Comix Monthly' is red
cm4 Cascade  comix monthly 4 (Everyman 1978)
1st - b&w guts
2nd - pages 3, 10, 11, 16  are  colorized
Chicago  Mirror  1 (Mirror Pub 1967)
1st - matt cover
2nd - glossy cover
Comix  Book 4 &  5 (Kitchen  Sink 1976)      says which printing
Gang  Bang! 1  (Nuance  1980) 
1st print doesn't say
other printings say which on front cover.
Weirdo  1, 2, 3    (Last Gasp 1981)   says which  printing, probably only one printing of each
          .     .     Many  issues, up to  #28, are  still  in  print.
Yellow  Dog  Tabloids  1-12
1st - (Print Mint 1968-68) doesn't say
2nd - (1973) all say '5th Anniversary printing - 5/73' on comix ad or subscription-+ coupon
        packed  in envelope stamped 'Special 5th anniversary limited edition' in red or black
 - If you need a set of the reprints, See our Ebay Store.
prog Chicago Conspiracy  Trial  -  Official  Program   (Doomsday  Books/Grove  press  1969)
The  Chicago  Conspiracy    vs.  The Washington  Kangaroos
blues Heroes of  the  Blues - trading cards -  (Yazoo  Records  1980)
1st - dark red border  on  box
2nd - lighter red border, black added to black faces 
3rd? -  (Eclipse?) 
4th? -  (Kitchen  Sink  1996)   10.95
m16 M16 Operation  &  Maintenance  Manual  (US Army  1968)
art  by  Will  Eisner
                              YOU  CAN  TELL  IT'S  MATEL  -  IT'S SWELL!
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