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Flags  used in this guide:
= your help needed, scans or info.  See  scan  want-list
scan = just a scan, without pointing out the tells (distinguishing features).
jk update = means this info disagrees with JK's guide.
= printing  info in the comic is mistaken or misleading.   (list  2)
Background  colors used in this guide:   (yellow)  standard
 (green)  the comic will correctly say which printing it is.          (list  1)
 (orange)  no one knows how to tell the printings apart,  yet.   (list 3)
This  is   NOT   A CATALOG  or  PRICE GUIDE.
Prices  listed  are  the  cover  price,  as  printed  (no  stickers).
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T   Click  on thumbnails  for  tells  &  scans   .   .  Note:  some are large and slow.
Tales from  the Fridge 1   (Kitchen Sink 1973)   says 1st, but there was  only  one  printing
Tales from  the Leather Nun (Last Gasp 1973)
1st -   .50
2nd -   .75
3rd - 1.00
4th - 1.00 price blacked-out
5th - 1.25
6th? - 1.50?
TO2 Tales from  the Ozone 2 (Print Mint 1970) 
3 printings, all  the same?
Tales from  the Plague  (Weirdom  1971)  (reprinted  from  Weirdom  13)
1st  -  .50,  purple  cover,
2nd  -  3.95,  (Eclipse  1986)  wraparound  cover 
Tales from  the Tube 1
1st - (Surfer Pub 1972) 8-1/2 x 10-3/4,   20 pages, no price 
2nd - (Print Mint 1973) 7-1/8 x 9-1/8,   32 pages,  .50
Tales  from the Sphinx 2  (Kitchen Sink 1972)   says 1st, but  there was only one printing
Tales of  Bozi-Sattva  (Serious  Funnies 1973)
1st - glossy cover
2nd - matt cover pasted on
Tales of the  Armorkins (Co. & Sons 1971)  . 
1st? - white strip along bottom of cover, © pg 3 only
2nd? - strip filled-in  with  black on f.c  and  green on b.c., © info pg 2 & 3
TSD1 Tales of Sex  and Death 1 (Print Mint 1975) 
2 printings, both  the same?
Teenage Horizons  of Shangrila 1   (Kitchen  Sink  1970) 
1st print doesn't say, 2,500  copies (out of 10,000) has 8 page local ad insert 
other printings say which on i.f.c.
Teenage Horizons  of Shangrila 2   (Kitchen  Sink  1972) says 1st, but there's only  one printing
Thrilling Murder Comics 1 (S.F. Comic Book Co. 1971)
1st - glossy cover
2nd - matt cover
Tits &  Clits Comix (Nanny Goat Productions 1972)
1st - moiré pattern on door
2nd - rescreened - pattern gone. 
Tits &  Clits 4
1st print doesn't say (Nanny Goat Productions 1977)
2nd print says so (Last Gasp 1979)
Tooney Loons  and Marijuana Melodies (Gold Agape Ark 1971)
1st - 'Hell Uvva Comic' logo
2nd - 'K & G Comix' logo
Trina's  Women (Kitchen Sink 1976)   says 1st cus there was only one  printing
TS Tuff Shit (Print Mint 1972) 
2 printings, both the  same?
1st  -  Original  Mexican/Spanish  edition  (titled  'Los  Agachados"?)  .   . 
2nd   -  .25  English  edition   (N.A.C.L.A ,  Fall  1971) 
3rd  -  from  vol  7  # 8  of  Quixote  magazine  (Fall  1973)  . 
2 (two) (Keith Green 1975)
Only one printing - says $1 on i.f.c.
Two Fools  (Saving  Grace 1976)
1st  - 1.00 
2nd - 1.00,  (Last Gasp,  Oct. 1977) says "second printing, October, 1977" 
3rd  - 1.25?, (Last Gasp,  May 1978)                                .
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