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Flags  used in this guide:
= your help needed, scans or info.  See  scan  want-list
scan = just a scan, without pointing out the tells (distinguishing features).
jk update = means this info disagrees with JK's guide.
= printing  info in the comic is mistaken or misleading.   (list  2)
Background  colors used in this guide:   (yellow)  standard
 (green)  the comic will correctly say which printing it is.          (list  1)
 (orange)  no one knows how to tell the printings apart,  yet.   (list 3)
This  is   NOT   A CATALOG  or  PRICE GUIDE.
Prices  listed  are  the  cover  price,  as  printed  (no  stickers).
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S   Click on thumbnails for  tells  &  scans     .   Note: some are large and slow.
SF2 San Francisco  Comic Book 2 (S.F. Comic Book Co. 1970) 
5 printings, all  the same?
Sand Scripts  (Rick Geary 1977) 
1st print doesn't say
2nd print says so
1743 Cheech Wizard  /Schizophrenia  (Last Gasp 1973)
1st -   .50? 
2nd -   .75
3rd -  1.00
S. Clay Wilson Portfolio Comix  (Print Mint 1970)
two printings, both the same?  No title or price on cover.
Sex and Affection  (Family Publishers 1974) 
1st -   .50 
2nd -  .75 
Skull Comics  1 (Rip Off 1970)
1st? - 6-3/4 x 10-3/4, part of  "decadence"  blocked out on  page 17 
2nd - 6-7/8 x 10-1/8,  part  of  "decadence"  blocked out on page 17
3rd - 7 x 10-1/4, "decadence" glitch corrected
Skull Comics  2 (Last Gasp 1970) 
6 printings, probably 70,000 copies.
<< click on thumbnail for reprint guide
skull3 Skull Comics  3 (Last Gasp 1971)
1st? - b.c. has registration mark in red pentagon,   does  not say 'adults only'   on cover 
2nd? - registration mark, no pentagon 
3rd? - pentagon, no registration mark 
4th? - no registration mark, no pentagon, f.c. has blue-green star on hand 
5th? - blue star on hand ,  no  marks  on  b.c.,   does  not say 'adults only'   on cover update
6th?  - blue star on hand ,  no  marks  on  b.c. ,   says   'adults only'   on cover update
Sk6 Skull  6 (Last  Gasp  1972) 
2 printings, both the  same?
Sleazy scandals  of the silver screen 
1st - (Cartoonists Co-op 1974) doesn't say
2nd - (kitchen Sink 1978)  says so
Slow Death  Funnies 1 (Last Gasp 1970)
1st -  red border on f.c.
2nd - white border, same as 3rd & 4th?
3rd & 4th - same as 2nd? 
Slow Death  2 (Last Gasp 1970)
1st - says "1st Edition" on pg 34, some have  2nd  cover  on silver cover stock 
2nd - white logo on f.c., Amorphia ad on pg 34
3rd - yellow logo on f.c., Amorphia ad on pg 34
4th - mind candy for the masses ad on pg 34
5th - 1.00,  prices  in  mind  candy  ad  updated  by  hand
Slow Death  3 (Last Gasp 1971)
1st - Pentagram Press  logo  on  f.c.
2nd - says 'over 50,000 sold'  where PP logo was
3rd -   .75,  has  gray circle where PP logo was
4th - 1.00
SD4 Slow Death  4 (Last Gasp 1972)
1st -   .50 
2nd -  .75 
3rd - 1.00
Slow Death  5 (Last Gasp 1973)
1st -   .50, says first printing . .
2nd -  .75,  says first printing . .
2nd - 1.00, doesn't say
Slow Death  8   (Last Gasp 1977)     says which printing 
Smile 1 (Kitchen Sink 1971) 
1st print doesn't say
other printings say which on i.f.c.
Smile  2 & 3  (Kitchen  Sink  1970)     says  which printing
Snappy Sammy  Smoot   (Kitchen Sink 1979)     says which printing
Snarf 1- 15  (Kitchen Sink 1972-1990)     says which  printing

Snatch Comics  1 (Apex 1968)
1st -  .25, single panel stretches across pg 10 & 11, something on pg 4
2nd - separate panels  on  pgs  10 & 11, 'Bus Stop' on pg 4
3rd - 'Git Whitey' on  pg  4 
4th -  .50, same  as  5th?
5th -  same as 4th? 
6th -  .75
Snatch Comics  2 (Apex 1969)
1st -  .50, deep  orange  &  light blue ink on cover- no black, 
                  some interior color- red  or yellow,    black  lines  accross  bottom of  pages.
2nd - light orange & dark blue on cover, no interior color 
3rd - light orange & dark blue on cover, interior color runs green to blue 
4th? -light orange, dark blue & black on cover, circle background is all blue, no color inside 
5th? - dark orange, dark blue & black on cover     .   better  scan  needed
6th - circle background is green except under arm is blue, now has red ink too 
7th -  .75
snatch3 Snatch Comics  3 (Apex 1969)
1st -  .50, faint line along bottom of each page, rough trimming, heavy stock guts 
2nd - line gone, same  as  3rd?
3rd - same as 2nd? 
4th -  .75
Snoid (Kitchen Sink 1979)   says which printing
Soho Detective  (Nudlgrafix  1980)
1st - white guts
2nd - newsprint guts,  says  'Bill  Dupp Soho Detective'
Spaced 1 (Comics  & Comix 1974)
1st - with or without  bats  on  f.c. 

Subvert Comics  1 (ROP 1970)
1st - yellow background on Trashman & oppressor logos, ROP logo circle is broken 
2nd - yellow background on Trashman & oppressor logos, ROP logo circle is complete 
3rd - no ROP logo, red background on other logos, broken circle on oppressor logo
4th - no ROP logo, red background on other logos, full circle on oppressor logo 
Super Soul  Comix 1   (Kitchen Sink  1972)  says 1st, but there was only  one  printing
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