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Flags  used in this guide:
= your help needed, scans or info.  See  scan  want-list
scan = just a scan, without pointing out the tells (distinguishing features).
jk update = means this info disagrees with JK's guide.
= printing  info in the comic is mistaken or misleading.   (list  2)
Background  colors used in this guide:   (yellow)  standard
 (green)  the comic will correctly say which printing it is.          (list  1)
 (orange)  no one knows how to tell the printings apart,  yet.   (list 3)
This  is   NOT   A CATALOG  or  PRICE GUIDE.
Prices  listed  are  the  cover  price,  as  printed  (no  stickers).
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R   Click on thumbnails  for  tells  &  scans Note:  some are large and slow.
Radical  America   Komiks
1st - (SDS 1969), Maddox's shoes are 2 colors 
2nd - (Print Mint 1969), shoes are solid black, Bijou 2 ad i.b.c. 
RC R.  Crumb's  Comics and stories (Rip Off 1969)
1st - no price, Heavy  stock  glossy  cover
2nd - no price, heavy  stock  pebbled  cover
3rd - no price, cross-hatch textured cover
4th -  .35, pebbled cover, ivory guts
5th -  .35, cross-hatch textured cover, ivory guts
6th -  .35, matt  cover,  ivory  guts
7th -  .35, matt  cover,  yellow  guts
8th -  .35, matt  cover,  white  guts
9th -  .35, standard weight matt cover, white guts
10th -  .50, glossy cover, white guts
 - If you need a copy of the 8th printing, See our Ebay listing.
realm6 Realm 6 (Cubist  Dada 1975)
1st - silk-screened gold ink on cover, doesn't say which print
2nd - silk-screened multi-color cover, doesn't say which print need
3rd - offset printed cover, says 2nd print i.b.c. 
RP1 Real Pulp  Comics 1 (Print Mint 1973) 
2 printings, both the  same?
Rip Off Comix  1 & 2  (Rip  Off  Press 1977) 1st - .75,  2nd  -  1.00
Rip Off Comix  3 (Rip  Off  Press 1978) 1st -  .75,  2nd - 1.25
Rip Off Comix  4 (Rip  Off  Press 1978) 1st -  1.00,  2nd - 1.25
Rip Off Comix  5-7 (Rip  Off  Press 1979-80) 1st -  1.25
Rip Off Comix  8-10 (Rip  Off  Press 1981-82) 1st -  1.50
Rowlf (ROP  1971)
1st - wizard on f.c.,  Rowlf  on  back, title on front only
2nd - covers switched: Rowlf on front, wizard on back, title on both sides
(personal note: Rowlf was the first underground i ever saw, the one that hooked me on Comix)
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