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Flags  used in this guide:
= your help needed, scans or info.  See  scan  want-list
scan = just a scan, without pointing out the tells (distinguishing features).
jk update = means this info disagrees with JK's guide.
= printing  info in the comic is mistaken or misleading.   (list  2)
Background  colors used in this guide:   (yellow)  standard
 (green)  the comic will correctly say which printing it is.          (list  1)
 (orange)  no one knows how to tell the printings apart,  yet.   (list 3)
This  is   NOT   A CATALOG  or  PRICE GUIDE.
Prices  listed  are  the  cover  price,  as  printed  (no  stickers).
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Click on cover icons for  tells & scans
0203 Bakersfield Kountry Komics (Last Gasp 1973) 
3 printings, all the  same?
Balloon Vendor  (Rip  Off  Press 1971)
1st - glossy cover stock
2nd - matt cover stock            -sorry, a scan won't help.
Banzai! 1  (Kitchen Sink 1978)   says 1st printing cus there wasn't any others
Barefootz Funnies 1, 2, 3   (Woofnwarp/Kitchen Sink)  says  1st print cus  there wasn't any others
bent Bent (Print Mint 1971)
1st - ©  notice on  back  cover 
2nd - ©  notice on  inside  front cover 
Best Buy Comics  (Apex Novelties 1979)
1st - 1.00 in  red,  yellow  cover
2nd - 1.25 in  green,  yellow  cover 
??  -   2.50, new red cover 
Big Ass Comics  1 (Rip Off Press 1969)
1st - 'R. Crumb' in white box on f.c.  .50 
8th - .75, says "produced by Keith Green" inside front cover 
<< Click on thumbnail for more info.
Big Ass Comics  2 (Rip Off Press 1971)
1st - no ©,  glossy  cover stock,   .50
2nd - no ©,  matt  cover stock
3rd - says 'copyright  ©  1971  by  R. Crumb' i.f.c.
4th - .75 cp
5th - says 'produced by Keath Green' i.f.c. 
6th - 1.00  
Bijou Funnies  1 (Bijou 1968)

<< Click on thumbnail for reprint info.

Bijou Funnies  2
1st - (Print Mint 1969) i.b.c. advertises about 10 titles 
2nd - (Print Mint 1970) i.b.c. advertises about 20 titles 
3rd - (Kitchen Sink 1972) says 'first Krupp printing',  advertises Krupp,  has union label & Krupp logo
268 Bijou Funnies  3
1st & 2nd printings don't say which  (Print Mint 1969) 
3rd print says 'First  Krupp  printing'  (Kitchen Sink 1972) 
bijou4 Bijou Funnies  4
1st -  (Print Mint 1970) says ' Hay Kids! Adults Only! '  in red,
2nd -  (Kitchen Sink 1972) says ' Hay Kids! Adults Only! '  in green,  adds  KSP  logo, 
                                        says  'First Krupp Printing'  inside
3rd  - says  2nd  print 
Bijou Funnies  5,  6   (Kitchen Sink 1970) 1st print  doesn't  say, other printings  say which on i.f.c.
Bijou Funnies 7, 8   (Kitchen Sink 1972) all say which
Binky Brown  Meets the Holy Virgin Mary (Last Gasp  1972)
1st - block of text on page  21 has the HVM behind it
2nd - no HVM just text, easier to read.
Bizarre  Sex  1  (Kitchen Sink 1972) 
2nd - .65 
           Bizarre Sex  series  will say which printing they are.
                            But the cover changes  are  interesting.

B. S. 1

B. S. 2 

B. S. 3 
Bizarre  Sex  5 (Kitchen Sink 1976) 
Bizarre Sex  6   (Kitchen  Sink 1977)     both  magazine  size,  both  say  which  printing 
Bizarre Sex  9   (Kitchen  Sink 1981)   Will  say  which  print. 
later  reprinted  as  Omaha  0
Black and  White Comics (Apex Novelties 1973)
??  -   .50  printing  with  no © info,  may  or may  not  exist 
1st   -  .50 cp    says  'June  1973' ,   &   '© 1973 by  R. Crumb',     ifc
2nd  - .75 cp,    does  not  say  'June  1973,
Blood From  a Stone...  (NYPIRG 1977)
1st - 1.00, black on yellow cover
2nd - 1.25, full color cover
yellow Bogeyman 3  (Co &  Sons  1970)
  Bogeyman 3 gives me a headache.
Intensity of Red and yellow varies a lot. So variations of orange are a poor indicator.
* Co. & Sons logo and "Soul catcher comix" are on the Black plate.
* The title & price circle are usually on the Yellow plate.
* Sky behind the tree & Moon is usually on the Blue plate
* Upper part of sky & toungue are usually on the Red plate.
-  Other colors are just mixes of those four.
Reported variations: (may or may not be seprate printings)
* Gray title = Yellow plate was not used.
* Gray title = Red plate used twice, Yellow ink, then Red ink.
* 2 Yellows = Red plate & Yellow plate, both used with Yellow ink.
* Red plate was not used.
* Purple?  (more data needed)

- And of course, I never make mistakes.

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