UnderGroundCOMIX.INFO  (UGcomix.info)
A resource  for  collectors  of  classic underground comix,
aka  'head  comix'  of  the  60's  &  70's.

'A  Visual  Guide  to Underground  Comix  Reprints',
'Virtually  The  Biggest' gallery  of  comix  covers,

If you actually collect classic underground comix, this is the place for you.
Otherwise don't bother. - Very little adult content.
This is NOT an 'adult' site, so if you are looking for 'tits n ass'  - GO AWAY.

We do not believe that comics will ever harm anyone.
BUT, the people around you (parents, spouses, bosses, etc...) may cause problems.
Please take a minute to think about it.
If other people's adverse reactions to subversive comix would complicate your life, please go away.

If you remember the 60's, you weren't there.
If you use comix to help you remember the 60's, Come on in.

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